introducing the x20

The world’s first BMX wheel designed for drifting

Introducing the X20

If you can ride a 20" bmx and are a thrill seeker, X20 is for you. X20 is the only drift BMX in the world.
It is a brand new way of drifting, racing, training and having loads of fun on a bmx.

Whether you are a keen 10 year old beginner or an experienced 18 year old, X20 will offer new and exciting experiences for you on your bmx.

X20 replaces the tyre and inner tube on the rear wheel. It is hand built and comes already fitted to a 20” rear wheel with two options for axle sizes – 3/8” and 14mm. So all you do is take your existing, normal rear wheel off and fit X20.

Sliding and drifting couldn't be easier, the faster you pedal, the more you snake - it's addictive!

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Revamp your old BMX

By fitting a new X20 to your BMX, new or old, you can re-vamp your bmx to be the coolest drift bmx that will make all your friends jealous.

Euan Hunt - Factory Doublecross UK and British Cycling Junior Academy rider
Dave Pashley - BMXTREMO owner
Kyle Evans - Team GB BMX Olympian from Rio 2016

Designed, manufactured and built in the UK

All suppliers have been sourced from the UK, which was really important for BMXTREMO.

These include all manufactured items, packaging, printers, logistics, web design, social media and graphic design.

Each X20 is assembled by hand and checked before fitting to the rear wheels.

All suppliers are made responsible for their own QC however, additional testing and QC will also be performed during assembly by BMXTREMO.