Our Story

In the beginning…

The journey for X20 started back in 2013 when a retired inventor, Roger Hiscock, approached me for help in the development, design and the manufacture of a product called Sliderider. Roger was and is still a very successful inventor but had lost touch with modern CAD technology and current rapid prototyping techniques. Together, we made an awesome team with my experience as a design engineer, in materials technology and manufacturing processes and Rogers innovative ideas and engineering knowledge.

The first prototype

In the early stages we were looking to develop the design for mass production. We had a fully functional prototype design (which is still functional!) and I tested it many times. I couldn’t get enough of Sliderider - it was addictive!

Roger took out patents in the US and the UK and had friends mock up a quick video to show off the product. However, due to Sliderider already existing as a trade name, we knew, eventually, we would have to come up with new branding.

We met many times in the early stages to review 3D printed prototypes of each IM component, discuss progress and short term goals and objectives. Roger had manually machined the steel components, in his workshop at home, but at this stage the design was still in its infancy.

Take BMX to the Extreme with BMXTREMO

I owned a 3D printer at the time...

a Makerbot Replicator2, so I designed and printed the IM prototypes fast turnaround. The speed, in which prototypes can be created and reviewed, for form and fit purposes, is literally rapid! Without 3D printing technology we would not be where we are today.

In November 2015, we started an advertising campaign to promote the design concept and marketing potential. This was achieved through various online adverts and media publications. We were looking for companies to take on and complete the development, utilising their sales and marketing departments and advertising expertise. Although we presented to quite a few companies in the UK, none were interested in taking on the project. They all loved the product (obviously) and were very keen to discuss manufacture but as for sales, marketing R&D, it seemed Roger and I, were on our own.

March 2016

March 2016, I decided to take it all on myself, the whole shebang! This was the only way we would get the project moving and off the ground. I knew there were big risks involved and starting a second new business to fulfil our dreams would definitely have consequences. I already had UK based suppliers, for all components, ready to start production and I also had the logistics, web design and social media in hand, but didn’t realise actually how much liaising, communication and time was involved – I do now…

After what seemed like an age, I employed a graphic designer to help with the branding and we finally chose BMXTREMO as the company name and X20 as the first product name. Reasons – BMX obvious, extremo is Spanish for extreme which describes the functionality of the product and Roger has family in Spain. X20, continuing with the X from BMXTREMO, and 20 for the BMX rear wheel size – 20” because many more sizes of wheel exist (hint hint!).

20th November 2016 NCC Presentation

The NCC, although proving to be lots of hard work, was amazing to say the least. Loads of support from the Double Cross Team, Preston Pirates, NCC staff (Nicky and Jon), friends and family meant it was a success. Being central, in amongst the thick of BMX racing, gave me more insight, focus and determination for the products development. The interest in X20 and BMXTREMO was phenomenal. We let loose over 100 individual riders on X20 and they all wanted second and third goes. The weather was kind, even for Manchester, the support was unbelievable and most importantly, X20 was a hit! I wish I’d had a pound for every time X20 was described as being “sick”…

April 2017

BMXTREMO made a very important decision to sell X20 as a complete wheel. Hot swapping wheels, taking seconds rather than minutes was one of the key factors in this decision. However, the most important reasons were aiming to overcome the labyrinth of various rim sizes, sprocket sizes and axle sizes. By providing X20 on solid, renowned rims from ALEX, in just 3/8” and 14mm axles sizes meant that rather than providing about 10 different variants of X20, just two are required. Obviously, the price had to be increased to cover the cost of the wheels with sprockets but X20 is now even better value for money.