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Safety and Maintenance

At BMXTREMO we take safety very seriously!

Wearing a helmet, removing debris and stones from your X20 before drifting and checking the wear and tear of the drifter blocks, are just some of the checks you should familiarise yourself with, prior to riding.

Please take 2 minutes to read the Safety and Maintenance document below.

Safety and Maintenance Document

Cleaning and Assembly

If you need to remove your X20 to clean or replace a component, this document guides you step by step through the process and also lists all components on your X20 product.

Just like looking after your normal BMX or any bicycle, a clean bike is a cool bike.

Cleaning and Assembly Document


X20 is comprised of steel and plastic parts.
The plastic parts are fitted together and tightened, therefore after 5 minutes sliding and drifting, it is advisable to remove the X20 clips and tighten up the X20 nuts with a 19mm spanner.
Tighten the X20 nuts, until there is resistance, leaving the through hole vertical, then you must replace the X20 clips. If the retaining clips are not replaced, the X20 nuts may loosen and the product may come off the wheel whilst riding. Do not over tighten the nuts.

BMXTREMO Ltd accepts no responsibility if X20 is not used as designed.